Spinal Mouse

The Spinal Mouse MED PRO is a computer-assisted mechanical tool designed to evaluate spinal morphology and mobility.

The device determines the morphology of the vertebral column at the anterior and the sagittal plane and the mobility of each vertebral column by rolling the device along the spinal column. According to surface morphology, a specific algorithm calculates information regarding the relative position of thoracic and lumbar vertebrae while taking into account the local curvature (luminal or lumbar). As a final result, a precise localized determination of all vertebral bodies is obtained as a projection of their thoracic ridges on the surface of the spine.

SpinalMouse MED PRO provides accurate results for spine geometry, with a high degree of strength compared to radiographic imaging. For this reason it can be used repeatedly during a cycle of therapies without exposure to radiation. In addition, using simple and easy-to-use graphs gives the patient the opportunity to be informed and, with repeated measurements, the therapist can illustrate the progress of the treatment.