SCENAR therapy is a holistic treatment that regulates the autonomic nervous system. Electrical impulses with a configuration to endogenous nerve impulses are applied via the skin to the nervous system. It is a form of electrotherapy, which in no way resembles the previous widespread therapies.

SCENAR therapy is a form of electrotherapy in which neuronal neurotransmitters are released by electrical impulses that arrive at the target cell via the bloodstream and initiate cell biological improvements there. One of these effects is pain relief. However, the effect of SCENAR goes far beyond that, as the optimisation of body functions, a cure of diseases in various areas is possible.

Through the autonomic nervous system, the healthy organism controls its vital functions such as heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure, digestion and metabolism. In the sick state, however, this ability is limited and the body takes over incorrect functioning. SCENAR stimulates the organism with its impulses to break up the deadlocked nerve signal structures.

To achieve this, SCENAR’s pulses through the skin enter into a dialogue with the body. He waits for the electronic response of the body and then reacts with his individual dosages within microseconds. The current changes in the pulses continue until the optimal reaction pattern is reached and the blockade is lifted.