Free for Act

In the medical field, it is necessary to make objective measurements of the mobility of different body segments as well as the whole body in order to locate possible problems or to control the effects of a therapeutic treatment. In this context, motion analysis is a tool for reviewing the results of an operation, analysing a patient’s current condition and applying the best treatment. There are many reliable ways to analyse the motor skills. Power platforms and optoelectronic systems have a very good common analysis value. The term optoelectronics (sometimes called optronics or optotronics) originated from the combination of optics and semiconductor electronics and in the broadest sense encompasses all products and processes that enable the conversion of electronically generated data and energy into light emission and vice versa.

What is Free4Act?

Free4Act is a wireless inertial sensor network for motion analysis. The sensors are connected via a ZigBee radio link to a data logger (up to 16 sensors). Each sensor unit may be configured to include an accelerometer, a field magnet sensor and a gyroscope. The idea was to create a system with a wide applicability in the market of rehabilitation and in the clinic with a relatively low purchase price. The system has a modular structure, with the possibility of proposing to the customer different software packages according to their needs, together with all system options (fixed band and so forth).