Dynamic Electro-neuro Stimulation (DENS) is a non-drug healing method. The method is based on the treatment of direct projection of an injury site as well as segment and reflex zones with electrical impulses. Their shape depends on the magnitude of electrical resistance on the skin surface in the portion covered by an electrode (impedance). The therapeutic effect of DENS is based on reflex mechanisms that are triggered by the irritation of skin receptors. As a result of the action of the DENS device, a cascade of response reactions of the organism arises.

The use of DENS, as part of a complex therapy as well as a single method, promotes pronounced positive dynamics in many acute and chronic diseases. The process of recovery can be speeded up, the dose and the number of medicines taken can be reduced, which reduces the pharmacological burden on the organism. Furthermore, the use of DENS guarantees effective pain numbness in mini-operative manipulations and in the postoperative period. The result is expressed primarily in a rapid analgesic effect, the improvement of the general condition and mood, the normalisation of sleep and appetite and in increasing the ability to work.