The abbreviation BEST stands for Bio-Energetic Synchronisation Technique. This holistic procedure has a balancing effect both on the physical and the emotional level by stimulating the autonomic nervous system via specific pressure points. It is particularly suitable for stress reduction, revitaliSation, improvement of energy level, rapid rehabilitation after sports activities, reduction of inflammation, the increase of mobility, improvement of sleep quality, regeneration at the cellular level and to strengthen the immune system.

Physical vascular therapy is used today in very different areas. For an effective improvement of the microcirculation, the blood circulation of the smallest blood vessels, in many ways has a positive effect on their health, their immune system and their overall well-being. On the basis of years of experience, Physical Vascular Therapy has been constantly evolving – with some groundbreaking insights into the biorhythmics of local and superordinate regulatory processes. An effective stimulation of the microcirculation supports the most important physical regulation mechanisms for regeneration processes and is complementary to numerous treatments and indications.

The blood is the supply system of the human body. It provides the tissues and organs with nutrients and oxygen. At the same time, waste products are removed and disposed of. Three-quarters of this process take place in the smallest blood vessels – the so-called microcirculation.